The State Data Center of Mississippi

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The Center for Population Studies and State Data Center of Mississippi are currently engaged and very involved in 2020 Census outreach, education, and promotion, including tabling events, workshops, and speeches.

— (Jan. 30, 2020). The 2020 Census is Upon Us: What Can You Do? Webinar (hosted by the Southern Rural Development Center at Mississippi State University).

(Jan. 28, 2020). 2020 Census. In Legal Terms Radio Program (hosted by Mississippi Public Broadcasting).

— (Nov. 14-15, 2019). State Data Center Affiliates’ Meeting focused on 2020 Census. University, MS.

— (Oct. 26, 2019). Problem Solving for Better Health® training focused on 2020 Census. Workshop for Tri-County Workforce Alliance parents in Clarksdale, MS.

— (Oct. 25, 2019). 2020 Census State of Mississippi Complete Count Committee meeting. University, MS.

— (Oct. 25, 2019). 2020 Census Promotion Table for UM campus visit by congressional staffers. University, MS.

— (Oct. 10, 2019). 2020 Census Promotion Table at Census Job Fair at the University of Mississippi. University, MS.

— (Oct. 3, 2019). “Community Engagement and Applied Population Studies: Insights from the Decennial Census and Other Initiatives.” Presentation for the Department of Sociology at Mississippi State University. Mississippi State, MS.

— (Oct. 2, 2019). LOU 2020 Census Complete Count Committee meeting. University, MS.

— (Oct. 2, 2019). “Snapshots of People in Place: Important Demographic Indicators for Workforce Development.” Presentation for ASPIRE/Mississippi Development Authority. Monticello, MS.

— (Oct. 1, 2019). “Snapshots of People in Place: Important Demographic Indicators for Workforce Development.” Presentation for ASPIRE/Mississippi Development Authority. Carthage, MS.

— (Oct. 1, 2019). “Using Publicly Available Data and How to Access It.” Presentation to University of Mississippi School of Education students. University, MS.

— (Sept. 19, 2019). “The University of Mississippi and Census 2020.” LOU 2020 Census Complete Count Committee meeting. University, MS.

— (Sept. 18, 2019). “The Decennial Census, Data Leadership, and Informed Governance: Implications for the 2020 Census.” Presentation at Delta State University for Constitution Week. Cleveland, MS.

— (Sept. 12, 2019) “Using Public Data to Inform Dialogue Around Housing and Poverty.” Presentation as part of the University of Mississippi Common Reading Experience. University, MS.

— (Sept. 10, 2019). Population change talk for the Indianola Rotary Club. Indianola, MS.

— (Aug. 14, 2019). The 2020 Census: Why it Matters for YOUR community and how you can help! – Webinar for MS State Extension

— (Aug. 12, 2019). “The University of Mississippi and Census 2020.” Fall training presentation for the University of Mississippi Department of Housing. University, MS.

— (Aug. 7, 2019). Mississippi 2020 Complete Count Commission Proclamation Signing. Jackson, MS.

— (July 26, 2019). 2020 Census and Extension Webinar for Extension Leaders (with the Southern Rural Development Center).

— (July 19, 2019). “Community Engagement for the 2020 Census.” Panel event at the 2019 Delta Regional Forum. Clarksdale, MS.

— (June 13, 2019). “The 2020 Census and Mississippi Teacher Corps.” Presentation at the University of Mississippi School of Education Mississippi Teacher Corps. University, MS

— (June 6, 2019). “2020 Census and Business Retention and Expansion.” Presentation at the Business Retention and Expansion International Conference. Ridgeland, MS.

— (June 1, 2019). 2020 Census Promotion Table at Lambert Day. Lambert, MS.

— (April 28, 2019). “Demographic Data for Decision Making: 2020 Census.” Presentation and Promotion Table at the University of Mississippi/University of Mississippi Medical Center Research Day. University, MS.


CPS has an ongoing initiative with the Social Science Research Center (SSRC) at Mississippi State University called Mississippi YOU COUNT!

The Mississippi YOU COUNT! Collaborative is a partnership between CPS and Mississippi KIDS COUNT at the SSRC. With the growing concern about Census undercounts in Mississippi, this collaborative will use its partnerships with key actors around the state to promote a complete and accurate Census count in the state. This project is focused on meeting with 2020 census stakeholders across the state and disseminating materials aimed at hard-to-count population residents, especially accurate counts of young children.


November 2018: The annual State Data Center affiliates meeting held at the University of Mississippi focused on the 2020 census.


July 2018:  The 2020 Census was a featured topic at the 2018 Delta Regional Forum.

These two sessions centered on the Census specifically:

The Road to the 2020 Census: Focus on Mississippi: workshop presented by Marilyn A. Stephens, US Census Bureau, Atlanta Region, and moderated by CPS research associate Clifford Holley

In 2012, the Census Bureau realigned its field operation. As a result, six regions were closed and those states were distributed among the remaining six regions. The Atlanta Region grew from three states to seven states, including the state of Mississippi. The 2020 Census will mark the first time the Atlanta Region has administered the decennial operation in Mississippi. Increasing the participation rate in a decennial is always the goal. To this end, the Atlanta Region has met with several local governments in the Mississippi Delta to provide them with an overview of the 2020 Census and to assist them in organizing Complete Count Committees for a successful enumeration. The key to increasing participation rates is local involvement at every level of the process. The Mississippi Delta is a priority for the Atlanta Region

Amplifying Delta Voices through Public Data: a panel session featuring Heather Hanna, Mississippi State University Social Science Research Center; Rachel Welborn, Southern Rural Development Center, Mississippi State University; and Lynn Woo, University of Mississippi Center for Population Studies, and moderated by CPS director John J. Green

Data matter for development. Government agencies, businesses, and non-governmental organizations sometimes use data about people and the places where they live to characterize, categorize, and analyze what has happened in the past, current situations, and potential future pathways. Organizational leaders use demographic and socioeconomic data to make the case for investments in development. With rapid increases in the use of computers and the Internet coupled with expanded computational power, data have proliferated exponentially in the so-called “digital” and “big data” era. Not only are more data being collected and stored, there is an increase in the requirements for reporting and utilizing data to inform development decisions. This includes demands for evidence-based practice and data-driven policies. Within this context, the panel will focus on efforts to engage community and regional development practitioners and researchers with publicly available data sources. The speakers will discuss future efforts planned to increase participation rates for the 2020 Census, thereby “amplifying” Delta voices.