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The State Data Center of Mississippi
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American Community Survey

Visit the American Community Survey Website.

Time Period Geographic Areas Estimated Release Date
1-year Areas 65,000 persons or more ~ September
3-year 1 year data for counties 20,000 and above available as K-tables EXAMPLE ~ October
5-year All Areas ~ December


Comparison Profiles 1-year data compared to 4 previous years with statistical significance.

Example Graph using the margins of error.

Comparison Profiles for the State of Mississippi

  • Selected Social Characteristics CP02
  • Selected Economic Characteristics CP03
  • Selected Housing Characteristics CP04
  • ACS Demographic and Housing Estimates CP05

Data Profiles – Current time period with Margins of Error

Selected Population Profiles Data Profiles for specific race and ethnic groups that fit the specified population limits.

Examples for Mississippi 2019 – ACS 1-YR